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Dee Why – Northern Beaches – Sydney

Experience Coastal Elegance at Fringe: Unleash Your Individuality with Top-notch Fringe Hair Services! From Keratin Treatments to Balayage, Foils, Tints, and Precision Cuts, We Cater to Your Beauty Desires. Embracing Every Budget, Our Salon is Your Haven! Enjoy the Convenience of Late Nights and Saturdays – Your Style, Your Schedule.

BKT Nanoplasty Straightening

Our keratin treatment service is designed to transform frizzy and unruly hair into smooth, shiny, and manageable locks. Using high-quality keratin products, our experienced stylists will help you achieve a sleek and straight look that lasts for several months, while also improving the overall health and condition of your hair.

Above Shoulder (3 hours)
Shoulder Length (3 hours)
Mid Shoulder (3 hours)
Below Shoulder (4 hours)

*Includes a keratin shampoo and conditioner to take home.


At Fringe Hair, we are a full service salon which means our cuts consist of a consultation, wash, cut and style. Our prices are broken down into short, medium and long cuts.
Thick Hair
Fringe Trim


Foiling is our specialty at Fringe. Living by the beach we are known for our blondies. We break our foils down into a t-section, half head and full head of foils starting from $100.00
Half Head / Re growth only
Half Head / Re design
Full Head / Re growth only
Full Head / Re design


Balayage is one of our favourite services to do. We can be so creative. Balayage can be a few highlights, or it can be a full head of hand painting. It can be as natural as you like, or as intense and bold as you like. Balayage is process that allows your hair to feel lived in and can be low or high maintenance.
Balayage from


We use an ammonia free colour range for our semi permanent and permanent colour range. We break down our tinting/semi permanent colour into t-section, root coverage and a full colour which means we stretch the colour to the ends.
Full head colour
Re-growth and few pieces pulled through
Scalp Bleach

Blow Dry Styling

Our blow dry styling services include a wash, massage and style using our hairdryer and brushes.
Blow Dry Short Hair
Blow Dry Shoulder Hair
Blow Dry Long Hair
Blow Dry PACKAGE (5 Blow Drys)

Mens Cut

We specialise in Men’s cutting and styling. We offer colour solutions to our men in order to cover greys and make them feel better about themselves.
Shampoo, Cut and Style
Mens cut/grey semi
Clipper cut


We have years of experience in styling brides for their special day and we go out of our way to make it the best day ever. For bridal trials our pricing starts from $95.00 and for the Bride on their wedding day our prices start from $110.00

Bridal Trial
Brides-maid Up style


We love doing our kiddies hair at the salon. We do a full wash, cut and style for our kids. We are great with braids and mohawks. .

Kids( 3-10 years)
Girls Cut (11-14 years)
Girls Cut ( 15-17 years)
Boys Cut (11-17 years)
Babies Cut (1-2 years)

All prices mentioned are starting from prices and are subject to changes as required.